Choose the Best School for Your Autistic Kid

We all want the very best for our children and having autistic kids increases our want of getting the best for them all the more. Like for all kids their journey begins from school but getting the best school for your autistic child can be a little difficult at times. The competition for an autistic kid to be at par with any other regular kid to make it to the best school is a tough call indeed. But is this tough call giving you sleepless nights as parents? You can say goodbye to these thoughts once and for all because schools are changing to favour the autistic as well. So when you choose your desired school make sure that you keep in mind the basic qualities that they must have to make a brilliant star out of your son.

The traits schools should have to deal with autism

It is a difficult task to look for a school that would bring out the best in your child and will be the right motivation to help your child fight the odds of autism and let them be at par if not better than any regular kid on the block. So without any further ado let me show you some of the fundamental points that you must keep in mind when zeroing in on the best school for your child:

    • Leadership and School Culture – any school should always strive to bring out the leadership qualities in every child because today’s kids are the leaders of tomorrow. The school culture plays a crucial role in controlling the situations of anti-bullying of the autistic kids. It is the role of the teachers in schools to instil upon the kids to treat everyone as equals and not to make fun of anybody and that could be an autistic kid or anyone for that matter.
    • Technology – technology is everywhere and no matter how much we criticize it clearly it is here to stay so schools should not be far off to use it to their advantage. Technology helps tremendously in improving an autistic kid’s condition. The reason for technology being an instant hit is because autistic kids find it easier to deal with machines than with humans.
    • Lunch – lunch is one noisy affair because that is the time kids can break free from the mundane studies and keeping quiet in class. But the problem during lunch break is that kids get to choose where they will sit and in most cases parents and teachers fear that they will not prefer to sit with an autistic kid. To stay clear from this fear teachers have fashioned the kids in a way that they don’t get to differentiate between autistic kids and focus on the fact that everybody is equal. A little further to this were the small initiatives that teachers take in ensuring that kids get a turn to sit beside everyone in a cycle and share their tiffin so that there is no differentiation.
    • Friendship groups – different groups are established to make the bonds among class friends a lot stronger. Some of the most popular groups were game/movie night where all the kids would come together to play a game or watch a movie together, another popular group is the friendship group where the kids come together to cherish their friendship. These groups help in bringing the kids of the class together so that they get to enjoy their childhood without being burdened only with books.
  • Engage in extra-curricular activities – kids go to school not just to study but it is important that they have an all round development and to ensure that parents and teachers must encourage the kids to join the school chorus band or the dance or theatre group. All this encourages the kids to have an all round development which is important in shaping a good personality of the kid.

All these points must be given a lot of importance when choosing the school that you think will be best suited for your child. The best school is the first stepping stone towards designing a good future for your child so you deserve time and take the best call.

Kevin Halls is a doctor working at Wisconsin Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Center. In this article, he discussed the points that must be given a lot of importance when choosing the school that you think will be best suited for your child


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