Physician Assistant – Five Best Schools For Your Education

Choosing the best school for education is always an important aspect in a person’s life because that may be one of the biggest determinants for his or her marketability in the future after has graduated from the school.

Here, you will find the five best schools for physician assistant program. As of 2007, the best university goes to the University of Iowa. This university offers didactic curriculum with medical students. In common term, PA students will be instructed within every scope of practice in dealing with patients. This is especially true for handling new technologies, machines and the practice of reasoning with evidence-based medicine principles. University of Iowa aims to produce students with critical and analytical thinking; probing every facts and evidence they obtain to get more detailed information in order for them to analyze a certain disease.

Then, it was followed by Duke University. Duke Universities is a teaching institution where practical and clinical trainings are focused and offered to the students. The students will be required to complete a two months of assignments in a medically underserved area, mostly in public health clinics, small community hospitals and private community practices in rotation. The program also focuses on students with abilities to conduct researches with vast their vast research facilities.

The third best school falls on Emory University. This university focuses on preventive medicine and primary health care. The program, similar to University of Iowa, also offers a didactic and clinical training. It also inculcates the students to be capable in conducting research. Students will also have the opportunity to train in medically underserved areas, working in a team of PA and also move forward in accordance with the changing needs of health care. Students are offered a dual degree program where students can do PA degree and at the same time Masters in Public Health

The fourth best goes to University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center-Dallas which has more Nobel Prize winning faculties than other medical schools and the PA produced has averagely 99 percent passing rates on the PANCE for 5 years. University of Utah also combines didactic and clinical training to the students. Students will have to first complete the didactic curriculum before advancing to the clinical training. Fifteen months of clinical training in rotations will have to be completed in order to graduate.

Choose your school which suits your needs in order to pursue your PA career. It is always best to get more information from the websites of these universities or go to the universities and seek the student counselors. They will always be ready for inquiries.

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