Selecting the Best Schools in Apex

One of the great challenges for a family that is moving, whether across the country or across town, is selecting the best schools for their kids. It can be a formidable challenge to find the right city and then match the best school to the perfect home. Our nation has wonderful places to buy a home and settle in to raise a family. Many of these excellent areas boast about their best schools in official brochures and press releases. But how do parents gather their options, compare and analyze the best school choices and then make a decision?

The first thing to do is pick the right Metro area. Fortunately for those who already live here, one of the bright spots in America to move is the Raleigh-Durham area, known locally as “The Triangle”. This great area is also a bright spot in education. If you are a parent searching for a place to relocate, you can feel confident that you will find many options for your best schools in Raleigh-Durham.

If you are yet to move to the Raleigh Durham area, the official opinion of experts, like real estate agents, banks or mortgage brokers, can help pinpoint the specific locale to buy a home. The region has a rich and varied set of community options. Choosing the best school will depend on the lifestyle and home buying budget you have. Do you want an existing home in an established neighborhood; or a new neighborhood; is it the culturally rich downtown; or more of a small town “feel” that’s best for your kids?

The Triangle is composed of twenty-two cities and towns, although that number is growing because the region is growing so fast. The largest cities are Raleigh, Durham, Cary and Chapel Hill. However, communities that were small satellite towns in the Raleigh-Durham orbit just a short while ago, have experienced stunning growth. Many like Apex, Holly Springs and Wake Forest retain their small town ambiance, yet big city conveniences and excellent schools as well. In the Raleigh-Durham Metropolitan area, there are even what would be called “rural” school systems, like Chatham, Granville, Orange or Franklin, which significantly expand the school options for parents.

Apex is a vibrant city in the Raleigh-Durham metro area. It was named the best Small town in North Carolina, and now it is going to be your new home. It has the benefits of proximity to the rest of the Raleigh Durham metro, yet maintains the small town America “feel”.

Now, we have come to the triangle and selected Apex, how to go about selecting the best schools in Apex? What will be the criteria that serve as your guide?

Here are very helpful questions to guide you in you school search:

1. Public school, private school, or charter school?

2. Small, medium or large student population? What is the enrollment?

3. Is the calendar year traditional (9 months) or year round?

4. Is there a dress code or uniforms required?

5. What is the transportation, and how long is the drive?

6. Are special programs needed, like gifted education, arts, athletics or special needs?

7. How safe is the school?

8. What is the student-teacher ratio?

9. What are the test scores? How proficient is the teaching?

10. What is the attendance zone? Is the best home for the family in the school’s attendance zone?

In addition, there are websites that can help in the decision. Many parents research the local school system websites. Often this can be time draining and frustrating because school systems are notoriously non-standardized. It can be hard finding information and even harder comparing individual schools.


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