Month: April 2018

Finding the Best Schools Today

Often, parents goes out of their way to ensure that their child falls within the catchment area for a prestigious school, even if this means spending more money on housing than they would otherwise prefer.

Why are parents so obsessed with finding the best schools in their areas for their students? When dealing with families who cannot afford to pay for private education, one of the biggest motivating factors in their search for academic excellence near their homes is making sure that their children have the best education possible, thereby setting their offspring up for success in university applications and career ambitions. Some parents regard getting their children into the best school in their area as the only way to make sure their child grows up in a position to achieve and earn all the things they want from life.

Parents’ obsession with finding the best schools for their children leads to some complications, primarily because it is so difficult to assess what really makes one school better than another. Is it the grades that the students earn, and if so is that an indication of high quality teaching? Are the socio-economic demographics of a school the most transparent way of assessing the level of success which will be enjoyed by each student upon graduation? How about graduation rates themselves, or the percentage of children at a school who go on to attend and graduate institutes of higher education?

Still other parents argue that the most important factor in choosing the best school in their area is the personal attention their children receive from teaching staff and other members of the school’s administration. Students, especially those for whom academic success does not come naturally, often need personal attention in order to excel, and one way to ensure this is to find schools where small class sizes are the norm. The conflict for many parents without extensive financial means is that these schools are often located in wealthy suburbs, and it can be difficult to afford homes in those areas – particularly for parents whose own academic career was not full of the same advantages they wish their children to have, and who work for low salaries as a result.

What many parents don’t realize is that almost any school can be an excellent learning environment for their children and their children’s classmates, provided the parents of all the students are willing and able to get involved in the educational system. Teachers can put as much time and effort as possible into a day at school, but if parents fail to reinforce lessons about respect and responsibility at home, then their children’s success will eventually hit a glass ceiling.

To make the most of any school experience, parents should support their children and teachers as the students navigate the sometimes crushing responsibilities and efforts required to achieve a first-rate education without paying top tier school fees at a private institution.


Where Are the Best Schools?

Many print and web publications have ratings of the best schools in a particular area. These ratings are usually based on surveys of students, job recruiters and parents, singly or in various combinations.

In the case of universities, some ratings systems use the average salary of graduates as the criteria or as one component of the criteria for ranking schools. Ratings of the best schools though sometimes consist only of lists without reviews of what each school offers.

School directories provide more detailed information, and again the best ones are independent of the schools themselves. Common information included could be the size of the student body, class size, fee structure, academic matters and, in some cases, written reports by students, parents, etc.

Good sites will have information on the school’s performance including graduation rates, grade performance of pupils and dropout rates. There should be extensive information on courses and degrees offered. Also, the review should provide the state of the school’s infrastructure including the availability of computers and internet connection, and the availability and quality of the school’s libraries.

Staff size and quality and staff turnover rates are important considerations. The site should provide information on the condition of the school’s buildings and the general atmosphere and environment of the school. Recreational facilities like gyms, arcades, swimming pools and outdoor facilities should be included.

Where to find good reviews

The major search engines are always a good place to start. Most companies that provide independent school reviews have an online presence.

You can also browse the major web directories. Yahoo Directory, for example, has several categories where school reviews might be found. For example, you can browse the category: Regional > Countries > United Kingdom > Education > Primary and Secondary > Web Directories. The Open Directory ( is another useful web directory for finding school reviews in the United Kingdom.

If you do not find what you need browsing the directories, try conducting keyword searches on Google or Yahoo. Search for phrases like “find the best schools” or “school guides uk.” Another possibility is to search for blogs, forums and social networking sites that deal with education in the UK and participate in the discussions.

Finding the best school is relatively easy using the tools available on the internet.

HVAC Schools – How to Find the Best School

HVAC means heating, ventilation and air conditioning. In all buildings there is need for all three elements. To maintain and install the HVAC systems you will need to have specialized knowledge as well as proper training on the systems.

To get this specialized knowledge you will need to get yourself enrolled in a good HVAC school. Finding a good school is a challenge. Here are some if my tips to find a good school.

Before enrolling in a HVAC school talk to an expert HVAC technician and understand from him the topics that you need to know. Then make sure that those topics are covered in the school curricula.

The school that you enroll in should have the expert HAVC instructors on their panel. They should be able to tell you not only theoretical concepts but also the real life problems. Make sure that the school that you enroll into has the equipment on which they will train you. Most schools will have limited equipment and that will not help you.

The schools should be certified and they should be able to offer you courses which are at various levels based on your requirements. You can go ion for a associate level or bachelor level courses. If you are only doing this as a part time work then go for the short duration diploma or the certification courses.

HVAC technicians are in great demand nowadays and the salary levels are very good. It is in your best interests to find the best school and then make career in HVAC.

Bristol’s Best School in the Years After World War Two

Cotham Grammar school in the 1940s and 1950s was often referred to as Bristol’s best school; it was certainly the jewel in the crown of the Bristol Education Committee which in those days administered free state education and awarded scholarships to university for all qualified students. It was the school that educated the Nobel Prize-winning physicists: Paul Dirac and Peter Higgs, and shared with Eton College the distinction of having three old-boys in the England cricket team. In the development of mind and body, Cotham Grammar School rivalled the best schools in the land.

Cotham possessed a state-of-the-art building and extensive grounds of historical interest, but its true glory lay in the quality of its teachers. The all-male team was led by Mr Woods, known by the boys as ‘Splinter.’ The Head Master was smaller than average, of slim build and white complexion. He maintained strict discipline and was both feared and respected, resorting occasionally to the use of the cane, but to the final-year science class he revealed a great breadth of knowledge, taking special lessons covering philosophy, economics and politics.

The deputy head master was Mr Hinton, a mathematician who also lectured at Bristol University. Rather more robust and verbose than the laconic head master, the bespectacled deputy played a full part in maintaining a benevolent but disciplined regime. The man who may have taught physics to Paul Dirac and almost certainly taught Peter Higgs was Mr Marsden, a wartime radar expert, who could explain the most complex concepts in slow precise steps that even the dullest boys could follow.

The senior chemistry master was Mr Harding, remembered as one of the friendlier teachers. He always took his packed lunch in the chemistry laboratory and invariably ate a banana, often advocating the fruit’s nutritional benefits. Playing the violin in the school orchestra, Mr Harding strongly supported Mr Phillips, the teacher of religious knowledge, who served as conductor and manager. Known to the boys as Flop, Mr Phillips did sterling work in maintaining what was widely regarded as the best schools orchestra in the city and one which provided the backbone of the Bristol schools’ orchestra.

The school did not only excel in music. Its Combined Cadet Corps, commanded by Major Statton proudly wore the uniform of the Gloucestershire Regiment, the ‘Glorious Glosters’ of Korea and many ancient conflicts. Its RAF section under Flight Lieutenant Wilkinson produced several boys who won Flying Scholarships and held private pilots licences while still at school. The Judo club under Jerry Hicks, the art master, was the first school judo club in Bristol and achieved distinction by beating the team of Bristol University. The school’s prowess in rugby was recognised by a visit to the school by the entire New Zealand rugby team, the famous All-Blacks.

Cotham Grammar School strove for excellence in every area. It provided first-class free education to able students from all backgrounds, an elevator that lifted able children from the humblest homes to the greatest heights. It was swept away by the Wilson reforms of the 1960s, and one must wonder if its like will ever be seen again.

Things to Know Before Selecting One of the Best Schools in Hyderabad

In case you are planning to put your child in one of the best schools, it is important that you know about them in advance. Since the first step to the right education is the first step in one of the best schools in Hyderabad, here are few things to know and keep in mind while choosing one.

The Quality of Education

One of the primary factors to select the best place of education is the quality. Many schools get recognized by the level of education and the way it’s propounded in different classes. The quality also depends upon the result-oriented approach of the system in imparting education in a progressive environment. The best schools in hyderabad have adopted the designed rules to inculcate a sense of development and improvement among students.


One of the main requirements of opting for best schools in Hyderabad is academics. A variety of curriculum is in application in most of the schools. There are people. who wish to continue with country’s educational system, for instance, CBSE and ICSE. However, some schools have adopted the International Baccalaureate to encourage students to pick up the Cambridge curricula. The system is increasingly adopted by the institutions to help students learn in a practical and non-theoretical way.

Activities: Sports and Extra-curriculum

If you are interested in getting your child’s admission in the best schools of Hyderabad, sports and extra-curriculum is one of the crucial areas to look out for. Hyderabad has produced some of the best sportspeople in the country like Sania Mirza and Saina Nehwal. If you are looking to seek admission in the best institution, then it is very important to choose the one which can support and offer the best sports facilities including the services of coaches and physiotherapists.

A True Learning Environment

Every parent wishes his child to join an institution, which can inculcate a sense of culture, cooperation and bond. The best schools in this city of Andhra Pradesh have played a role in changing the way the child starts thinking in any environment. Various festivities and functions round the year organized during the year are awe-inspiring. Contests and programs are helpful in bringing the inherent talent of the child to the forefront. It also makes it possible to stay in touch with the basics of life.

The best schools of Hyderabad have helped impart a system of education for students at all levels that can allow a complete exposure to their survival in future. An atmosphere created to encourage and motivate the child into exploring and absorbing the best in life is one of the main mottos. As a matter fact, many intellectuals have contributed in making a better and more fruitful environment which can improve and enhance the hidden talent and versatility in the children. The focus is on promoting thinking, learning and creative approach which instills a sense of physical, intellectual and emotional growth and development. Keep in mind that a student-friendly atmosphere is a given advantage over a teacher-friendly approach.

Useful Tips for Applicants: How to Choose the Best School for Medical Assistants

Nowadays, there is a great variety of training and educational offers for those candidates, who are planning to make their career as a medical assistant. Primarily, you’re obliged to get a necessary knowledge to be able to pass the exams and to obtain a certificate. Basically, you have to complete a high school diploma and, fortunately, a medical practice isn’t a compulsory requirement.

For candidates, who are going to enter a medical training school, there are organized educational courses, where students learn important subjects such as biology, mathematics, chemistry, computer skills, bookkeeping and many others. It is a unique opportunity for that students, who haven’t got any type of the certification degree yet. In technical and medical schools as well as in junior and community colleges the courses last for about a year until a student is certified.

Not only the colleges and schools, but also some associations, which consist of Association of Medical Technologists, American Association of Medical Assistance and also the Red Cross, provide a training and a procedure of certification to become medical assistants. Medical assistants have a choice, what specialization to follow in future, among ophthalmology, optometry and podiatry. Each field has its own features and you ought to think twice before making a solution. What is more, it is available such a convenient option like online classes for that students, who have their hands full, have a tough schedule and don’t have a free time enough to enroll into full time classes. So they can’t underestimate this amazing opportunity to get a certificate without neglecting their current life priorities.

In addition, you should take into account a size of the school and also a number of students in the class, if you want to make a right decision in favour of the best school, because this demonstrates the learning environment and the quality of suggested facilities needed for your training as a medical assistant. Furthermore, you’re advised to think of any financial aid and a tuition guidance, which could be indispensable in difficult situations during education. If you suffer from the lack of money and just hardly ever keep your head above water, you should make your bet in favour of that schools, which offer any variants of financial help like loans, grants or scholarships to be able to take up a training as soon as it might be possible. For example, if you are a prominent student, who is interested in scientific researches in the medicine branches and has certain results, which might be applied practically, it’s taken for granted that you will achieve a financial support from the government. You may get a loan with a low interest rate or a special grant, if you have a poor financial position or if you are an orphan and lost without a trustee, who could take your expenditures on education.

Actually, in case you decided to attend online courses, you will have to check out whether a chosen medical school has a proper accreditation in the state given by some special organizations or certain persons. Besides, a practical background plays a significant role in your further career perspectives, because without this experience you will not be able to start working. That’s why internships and externships will help you to broaden your experience as a medical assistant and to inspire the sense of self-confidence.

Moreover, you’d better pay your attention to the prestige of the school, cause it shows how reputable an institution is and what support it can give for graduates while employment. It’s also vital to search for the reviews about a medical school to prove its reliability.